Building my feeder

This Christmas my humans built me an awesome dog feeder! I am so happy!

At first I didn’t understand very well what was all about, with all these tools and people doing weird things around.

So let me tell you the story. It all started with a trip to Brico-Depot, choosing the best materials.

On the trip back home I thought it was the perfect time for my first nap of the day in the car.

At home, tools were ready…

…and all things in place.

Here dad, let me show you the best place for water and food.

Mmhhh… Can we trust my dad with a chainsaw in his hands?

At some point, it started to look like something.

How slow they are! A second nap is mandatory…

But I couldn’t sleep much, as I had to be sure they did things right!

A few layers of varnish…

…and a few hours in the sun (with another nap, of course!)…

…and it’s done!

Well done humans! 🙂

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